The G Word

Jun 9, 2021

By: THE G WORD National Partnership Network
THE G WORD National Partnership Network

Film Synopsis: Defying popular myths that assume most gifted people are wealthy, white, and will do fine on their own, THE G WORD reveals the economic, cultural and gender diversity of our nation’s gifted and talented population at every stage of life, highlighting their educational challenges, social isolation, and deep emotional sensitivities. It puts a face to the physical threats experienced by many in our schools and society at large. It also reveals a large and lively community of people around them working hard to meet their needs while challenging the prejudice that comes with being labeled “smart” in the 21st century.

Author Bio

The main purpose of THE G WORD National Partnership Network is to provide a robust platform for 501.c3 nonprofits and education organizations to receive meaningful visibility in conjunction with the completion and release of our feature documentary.  Partnership starts at just $250 and comes with great benefits and recognition for participants. For those groups that are able to partner at $5,000 or higher, you will receive membership in our Major Donor Council.