GATE Early Bird Discount - Apply by 2/15/2017

Jan 20, 2017

Are you interested in MSU GATE’s Gifted Programs? 

Summer programs: MST@MSU, Future DOcs
Academic Year programs: CHAMP, LEAF, ISHALL, ALL

Apply online by Wednesday, February 15th to an MSU GATE program to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount of $150 off tuition

Apply online at:

Early Bird Discount details: One-time use for a 2017 GATE program. Limit 1 discount per student. Not valid toward CHAMP Year 2, ISHALL Year 2, OR LEAF Year 2. Not valid toward the GUPPY program. Students must be accepted into the program they are applying for in order for this discount to be valid. The discount cannot be applied towards applications fees or Dual Enrollment tuition. 

To receive the $150 tuition discount you must complete the following 2 steps by Wednesday, February 15th:

  1. Submit a Student Profile:

    1. New Applicants need to Create a Student Profile online.
    2. Returning students need to update their grade level and other personal information in their Student Profile.
    3. Instructions can be found at:
  2. Next, choose the specific program you want to apply for in 2017!

    1. In the online app system, click the student's name under "Current Student Profiles".
    2. Then click "Select a Program to Create an Application" and choose a program from the drop-down menu.
    3. You will see an Overview page with instructions. Click "Save and Continue".
    4. You have now completed the required steps to get the Early Bird Discount.

To continue your program application, the following checklists provide a step-by-step guide: