Your high school counselor should be the first person you inquire with about dual enrolling. Your counselor must sign your application form for dual enrollment.

The GATE office handles the logistics of Dual Enrollment. Kate Johnson, GATE administrative assistant, is the main contact for Dual Enrollment. She will review your desired courses and communicate with MSU departments to obtain the necessary permissions for you to enroll, and follow-up with you to confirm your enrollment.

When you are looking at which classes to enroll in, keep in mind that intro-level courses without prerequisites are available to you. Intro-level courses are usually 100 or 200-level - view our List of Example Intro Level Courses. You can browse courses by department at Some higher-level courses may be available to you if you have taken AP (Advanced Placement) test, and achieved the appropriate AP test score. Reference the AP Equivalencies chart for more details. Kate Johnson can answer questions you have about AP Equivalencies. Email

If you require more advising on what courses to enroll in or need to discuss a more long-term academic plan, you should contact MSU Honors College Advisor, Christine Raisanen at or Honors College main phone: 517-355-2326. After you choose courses, please notify Kate Johnson via e-mail ( of the semester, course number, and section number.