Application Process


Enrollment Begin Dates and Application Deadlines:

For Summer 2020 courses, enrollment begins April 2020*

For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 courses, enrollment begins May 2020*

*Applications will be accepted no later than 3 weeks prior to the semester's start date to ensure that your information will be processed in time for you to enroll. Applications within 3 weeks of the start date will not be eligible for course enrollment until the following semester. Please note that this policy is non-negotiable and cannot be overriden or circumvented regardless of circumstance.  Additionally, per university policy, students may not attend MSU courses unless officially enrolled in that course.

MSU and the GATE office do not guarantee enrollment in any course.


Start exploring classes by viewing our list of sample Intro Level Courses or go to

On the Schedule website you can search for courses by department and also read course descriptions to help you decide what to enroll in. You can also view the times and locations of each section of a course you’re interested in. The Schedule Builder Tutorial show you how to search for courses (download the tutorial document and view Steps 4 and 5).

Please be aware of any prerequisites listed with the course description. Higher level courses usually require meeting prerequisites, and you must meet any prerequisites either by taking the appropriate intro level course(s) first, or by earning the appropriate score on an high school AP test. View the AP Equivalencies chart to determine the equivalent MSU course - you would be able to take any MSU course that lists the AP equivalent course as a prerequisite. Or, if you are trying to determine what classes to take, you can determine the equivalent MSU course on the AP Equivalencies chart, then look for the next level class on

Reference the Advising page for more information on choosing courses.


Download the Dual Enrollment Application Form. Fill out the MSU Dual Enrollment by High School Students Application, and be sure to include the necessary signature from your school. 

On your application you should list your course number and all section numbers that fit into your schedule (this information is obtained at

If you are planning to enroll in a course based on an AP exam score, the GATE office can help you enroll in the course you expect to place into, even if you have not received your score yet. This will help secure your place in the section that works best for your schedule. However, your enrollment in the course is contingent on earning the necessary AP test scores. Therefore, as soon as you receive your AP score report you need to send a copy of it to You should NOT request that an official copy be sent to the University, because the GATE office won’t receive it. Rather, you should login online at after clicking "View your scores." Then, when you are on the page that shows your scores, take a screen shot or use the snipping tool to save an image of the screen with your scores and name showing. Then simply attach the image file in an e-mail to You can also save the webpage as a PDF file and e-mail it.


Have your school fill out the Billing Authorization Form, which is included in the application packet (or your school’s equivalent of this form) and be sure that both the school officials and your parents sign it.

If you are unsure of the exact course you want to enroll in, you will need to wait on completing the Billing Authorization Form since it asks for the specific course you are enrolled in. Simply send your Billing Authorization form separately to the Admissions Office after your course choice is finalized. 


Mail your Application, a copy of your high school transcript, and the Billing Authorization Form to: 

The Office of Admissions and Scholarships
426 Auditorium Road
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

PLEASE NOTE: The Admissions office will process your application and will admit you to MSU as a lifelong education student. Then Admissions will give a copy of your application to Kate Johnson, Dual Enrollment Liaison, who will help you enroll in your classes. Any Dual Enrollment questions should be directed to the GATE office, not the Admissions office.


MSU Admissions will send a letter to your home address with the information needed for you to activate your MSU NetID account and e-mail address, which should be completed as soon as possible.


After the GATE Office receives your application, we will send both the student and parents an email with a Dual Enrollment Letter and Checklist attached. These documents will include all the information needed to enroll and prepare for classes.

Kate Johnson in the GATE office will review your application and desired courses and communicate with MSU departments to obtain the necessary permissions for you to enroll. While you are waiting to hear from Kate, you can start the first few tasks on the Checklist that was emailed to you.


After sending in you Dual Enrollment Application, you will now be able to enroll for future courses at MSU as a Dual Enrollment Student in directly subsequent semesters. For example, if you enroll in a class in the Fall, you do not have to fill out another Dual Enrollment Application for the Spring. This also applies across academic years: If you are enrolled in Spring, you do not have to fill out another application for Fall. Instead, in both of these cases, simply contact Kate Johnson ( in the GATE office with the course/section number you want to take so she can assist with overrides and enrollment.  

However, if you “skip” a semester or more (i.e. if you took a class in the Fall, then do not take a class in the Spring, and want to take another class the following Fall), you would have to fill out another Dual Enrollment Application and send it to the Admissions office, as described in Step 2 above.

If your school is partially paying for your course, a Billing Authorization form is required for each individual semester that you are enrolled. Remember, this is filled out and signed by your school. Your school can mail it to:

The Office of Admissions and Scholarships
426 Auditorium Road, Room 250
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

If you choose to come to MSU after high school graduation, you will need to fill out a regular MSU undergraduate application. Participating in Dual Enrollment does not guarantee acceptance acceptance to MSU as an undergraduate student. If you are accepted at MSU, you will need to transfer the MSU credits you earned as a high school student from lifelong education to your degree program. Your undergraduate degree department can assist you in getting the credits transferred properly.

Please feel free to contact the GATE Office at 517-432-2129 or if you have any questions about the Dual Enrollment process.