Requirements and Eligibility


In order to receive Dual Enrollment tuition assistance from the high school, the MSU courses taken by the students:

  • can be a course offered by an eligible postsecondary institution that is not offered by the school district (or state approved nonpublic school) including Advanced Placement and online courses 
  • can be a course offered by the school district or state approved nonpublic school but is determined by the board of the school district to not be available to the eligible student because of a scheduling conflict beyond the eligible student's control
  • can be course offered by a postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) program that is offered for postsecondary credit or is part of a noncredit occupational training program leading to an industry-recognized credential that is not offered through the school district, intermediate school district, area vocational-technical 
  • must NOT be in the areas of hobbycraft, recreation, physical education, theology, divinity, or religion, in order to receive tuition assistance (Note:  Payment for fine arts courses is at the discretion of the local school board)
  • must occur during the fall or spring semester (Note: High Schools are not obligated to provide tuition assistance for classes taken during the summer semester, but you may still enroll for summer and pay the full cost).


Basic eligibility requirements for students:

  • Be in grades 9 -12
  • Receive a qualifying score on a standardized test (see table below)
  • Must be enrolled in at least one class at their home high school
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA or above

Please consult pages 4-7 for specifics on eligibility and allowable courses

Table 1. Minimum Dual Enrollment Qualifying Score by Assessment

Assessment Test Section Content Area Minimum Dual Enrollment Qualifying Score
EXPLORE Mathematics Mathematics 17
Reading Reading 15
Science Science 20
English English 13
PLAN Mathematics Mathematics 19
Reading Reading 17
Science Science 21
English English 15
ACT Mathematics Mathematics 22
Reading Reading 22
Science Science 23
English English 18
COMPASS Mathematics Mathematics 52
Reading Reading 88
English English 77
Mathematics Mathematics 2100
Science Science 2100
Social Studies Social Studies 2100
PSAT 11** Critical Reading Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 460
Mathematics Mathematics 510
SAT** Critical Reading Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 480
Mathematics Mathematics 530

*MME scores are based on the spring 2015 administration of the M-STEP exams.

**PSAT 11 and SAT scores are from the new redesigned administrations starting in 2015-16