Commuter Option


  Residential (R) Commuter (C)
Academic Classes Both R and C students participate in the day’s academic classes.
Lunch Both R and C students are provided with lunch
Social Activities Because Residential students pay to stay overnight in the dorms, there are additional social activities planned for them in the evenings and on the weekend.  C students do not participate in evening or weekend social activities. A select few of these activities may be available to commuter students to join in, and we will inform you of these optional activities.
Camp Attendance R students are not allowed to leave for the duration of camp, (unless an emergency arises). Students can communicate with their family via phone and email in the evenings. C students must be dropped off and picked up during the times designated. Arriving late, leaving early, or missing days of class is not allowed.


  Residential available? Commuter available?
CSI Forensic Science Yes Yes
Future DOcs Yes Yes
MST: Math, Science, Technology Yes Yes
Dual Enrollment College classes No Yes

Commuter Camp FAQs

When do I drop off/ pick up my child and where?

  • Parents and guardians will drop off and pick up their children at a specified time and place. It is important they are dropped off and picked up on time at the specified location.
  • Detailed information about drop-off and pick-up policies will be provided to parents and guardians well before the program begins.
  • Alternate drop-off and pick-up times or locations are not allowed. It is important that we make sure every student is accounted for and safe at all times. Thus, we cannot accommodate changes.

Can my child miss a day of class?

  • GATE emphasizes that students cannot skip any days of class since our programs are only one or two weeks in length.
  • We do not want any of our students to feel behind or left out. Thus, it is mandatory that the student attends class every day.
  • Unacceptable reasons for missing camp: doctor’s appointments, family gatherings
  • Acceptable reasons for missing camp: Legitimate emergencies only

Should my child bring a lunch or will they receive lunch?

  • Commuter students will be provided with a meal ticket each day to eat lunch at the cafeteria, along with the residential students. They do not need to bring a lunch.
  • Students should bring a water bottle.
  • Bringing snacks is also acceptable.

Can my child bring their cell phone?

  • Students may bring their cell phones to communicate. However, students are NOT allowed to call or text message using their cell phones and other communication devices during class or while walking to/from class
  • Cell phones and communication devices must be turned off during classes and may only be used during lunch and after classes end for the day. We want students to be focused on their academic activities. Additionally, using cell phones while walking to classes on campus is prohibited as it can be dangerous—students need to be aware of bikers and cars.  
  • Cell phones that are used during inappropriate times may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.

What should my child bring?

  • A notebook and a few pencils or pens
  • Individual packs of Kleenex or facial tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Any medically necessary prescriptions or supplies, clearly labeled
  • Umbrella, raincoat, or poncho
  • Water bottle
  • Small amount of cash, we suggest at least $10 in small bills (for snacks or souvenirs; also, if parents are late picking up students, they will be taken to dinner and must pay $10 for the meal.)