GUPPY classes will be STEM-related and may include:

3D Mathematics

Students will explore attributes of threedimensional space and objects using materials and concrete drawings, build and construct three-dimensional objects, and develop mathematical lingo to describe three-dimensional shapes.


Students will conduct safe and fun experiments to learn about chemical reactions and will learn terms such as atom, element, compound, and mixture, and will gain an understanding of matter—the “stuff” all around us—and its

Brain Games 

Students will participate in exciting puzzles and games that continuously challenge their minds and improve critical thinking and problem solving skills—all while having FUN!

Creative Writing

Students will use their lived experiences to tell stories and share opinions on topics they are passionate about. Student will leave with a new piece of writing and plenty of great ideas for other ways to express themselves.


This campus activity will include touring NSCL’s rare isotope research areas, observing nuclear reactions in stellar environments, noting the interaction of light and matter, and studying stellar evolution.

Cyber Enabled Research

The Laconia supercomputer can perform half a quadrillion floating point operations per second! Supercomputers can perform arithmetic jobs very quickly. What makes these amazing machines so fast? Find out through short videos, games, and hands-on exploration of the hardware.