Track A-1 Descriptions

STEAM Careers

Full STEAM Ahead! Choo Choo Choosing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Mathematics can be exciting, but daunting. So many interesting careers choices in these exciting fields. What a better way to be exposed to multiple experts in the STEAM field, but to meet them face-to-face. Students will meet instructors, experts, and professionals working in mathematics and technology to round out this amazing and unique career exploration opportunity. Professionals in all areas will provide students with a fun, interesting, and interactive experience in which they can ask questions about a future career in STEAM!

Writing Wonderful Worlds: Wakanda, Hogwarts, and Pandora

We love stories set in fantasy worlds! But how does an author think of all those little details that make their world so interesting? This class will help you develop a fictional world and imagine the stories you might tell about it. Each student will leave class with a map, a fact sheet, and a descriptive piece for their own imagined world, as well as at least one scene from a new story set in that world.

Monday: Mapping a world

Tuesday: Writing Studio

Wednesday: Describing people, places, and things

Thursday: Writing Studio

Friday: Sharing our Stories

Trasure Hunt Math

Ahoy, Matey! Do you love scavenger hunts? Do you love puzzles? Do you enjoy math? Avast Ye! Let’s find that treasure! The not-so-famous outlaw Cash Steele hid all the money he stole somewhere in or near the town of Nowhere, Nevada. After he died, his daughter, Penny, went looking for the treasure. Penny knew her father well, though, and after looking around the town of Nowhere, she determined ten possible places where her father could have hidden his money. Can you help Penny unravel the clues and find her father’s buried treasure?

Mon: What are the clues that Penny has already?

Tue: Using a map to pinpoint the location.

Wed: A Square Deal: finding patterns that form the outline of a letter of the alphabet. Depth of the Matter: What’s the difference between a square and a cube?

Thur: The Domino Effect: Figure out how to play dominos by filling in the missing squares.

Fri: Picture this: Looking at patterns. Try to picture which shapes can be folded into a square box that has four sides, a top, and a bottom.