Track A-1 Descriptions

The Art of the Fairy Tale: Aesops Fables

Designed for GUPPY audiences, this session focuses on experiencing Chinese culture through learning the language: Mandarin. Taught by experienced teachers who are native Chinese speakers, students will be engaged in writing Chinese characters, playing games, making crafts related to Chinese culture, and, most importantly, speaking in Mandarin. Students at all proficiency levels are welcome to join this online session!

Theatre Arts

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players,” (Shakespeare) Do people say you are dramatic? Do you have a flair for the performing arts? Students will learn the basics of stage work, discipline, studying and learning about scripts, using creativity to perform, listening and observation skills, and overall self-confidence. Students will explore a wide range of performance skills, including improvisation, character development, storytelling, acting scenes, music, and dance, all in a welcoming and fun environment.

Math Olympiad Jr.

Students will develop strategies to solve common math problems typically found in local, regional and national contests.

Students will learn to appreciate the art of mathematical problem-solving while strengthening the ability to employ. problem-solving strategies 

Students will be exposure to mathematical concepts that might not otherwise be encountered in the public schools. 

Math topics covered: Exponents and Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Linear Equations, Proportions, Number Theory, Quadradic Equations, Special Factorizations and Clever Manipulations, Circles, and Angles.