Track A-2 Descriptions

Futurama and the City of Tomorrow

What will living in the future be like, and what technology will we use? Join us to explore the future city with autonomous vehicles, robots, digital shopping, and drones.  What benefits of new technology can we expect, and what problems might occur? We will learn about new technology, and we welcome your ideas about how you would like to live in the future.

Kakuro Kryptonite

Think of it as a mathematical version of a crossword puzzle. The aim is to fill in the missing squares, which must contain the numbers 1-9, but cannot be repeated in any one sum. The numbers given represent the sums of the numbers you’re going to use; that is, numbers 1-9. We’ll start with easy ones first, then go to more challenging ones!

Mixtures, Measurements, and Mayhem

A mix of five days offering various exciting opportunities that range from science experiments to packaging engineering. A hands-on approach to learning the principles of STEM areas and how they relate to future opportunities. Students will investigate many scientific theories and learn how they relate to everyday life. Experiments will include Pop Rock Inflation inquiry, where students will find out how Pop Rocks work in this sweet experiment! Then, participants will conduct an Investigation appropriately named the Bubble in the Hand and learn about the beauty and complexity of bubble science.

Next, students will have a unique opportunity to learn about the world of packaging and how MSU educates students to thrive in careers such as packaging engineering, design, manufacturing, research and development while conducting some exciting activities to enhance learning about the importance of how things we buy everyday are packaged. The science of packaging is an exciting hands-on field and MSU has the number one School of Packaging in the world.  Students will engage with materials and learn about the technical considerations packaging professionals make on a daily basis to enable worldwide commerce. 

The classes will be a hands-on session at the School of Packaging where students will learn about designing a new package and sustainability and begin to prototype a package for a product.  The classes will focus on the science of materials and their performance and physics and performance through distribution.  Then, the students will learn about the hazards of shipping a package and test their packaging to see if it is successful!!