Track A-2 Descriptions

Maddening Unsolved Math Mysteries

The puzzles in most books have answers, but there are some famous mathematical puzzles to which no one knows the answer yet! Maybe you will solve a famous unsolved puzzle someday. One such puzzle is known as Goldbach’s Conjecture. The conjecture is as follows: All even numbers greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two prime numbers. (Remember, a prime number is one that can be divided by 1 and itself.) No one has proved that this is always true or disproved it by finding an example that doesn’t always work (a counter-example). In this class we will see examples that illustrate Goldbach’s Conjecture and other unsolved math mysteries.

Mon: Goldbach’s Conjecture

Tue: Young Math Geniuses

Wed: Around, and Around, and Around We Go: triple whirligig patterns.

Thur: That’s Just about Right: How to take the best “wild guess.”

Fri: Cross-Number Puzzle: entries are numbers rather than words!

Storytelling with Scratch

Scratch, a drag and drop programming language, created at MIT to make programming accessible and fun can be used for almost anything these days.  It’s found itself used in Minecraft, game engines, security scripts, etc.  This is a great place to start learning to program and have fun while you do it.

Students will learn the fundamentals of programming through story telling.  We will learn about sprites, scenes, movement, inputs, variable and much more!

Day #1: What is Scratch, learn the UI, experiment.
Day #2: Learning the block types and how they’re applied.
Day #3: Movement, sounds, and dialog.
Day #4: Variables and reusable code.
Day #5 Final project, putting everything together.


Are you a person who LOVES Fashion? Do you dream of designing your very own clothes? Well then do I have the class for you! In this GUPPY art class you will be introduced to the wide world of FASHION. We will discuss various aspects of Fashion, see many different examples, and even receive some hands on experiences, all before creating your own art projects based around the interesting topics we will cover. Though we will be talking about fashion, students will get experience working with various art mediums, like paint, collaging, mixed media, and more. This class will build students knowledge and skill in art, giving them a better understanding of the topic and letting them take this knowledge in to not only their own art creation, but their everyday life. So get ready to become a fashion masters!

Monday: Creating a fashion necklace/bracelet – Oven bake clay

Tuesday: Creating patterns and how they work together – watercolor resist

Wed: Drawing a person – Drawing and mixed media

Thursday: Creating a wardrobe - Collaging

Fri: Fashion show backdrop – color theory painting, final collaging of all projects leading up to now to create one big project poster