Track B-1 Descriptions

Experiencing Chinese Culture Through Language

Designed for GUPPY audiences, this session provides opportunities for students to explore different regions of China and its culture. Taught by experienced teachers who are native Chinese speakers, students will be engaged in a variety of interactive hands-on activities to learn more about the current China and its rich culture. Students at all proficiency levels are welcome to join the five-day session!

3-D Math

The students will learn how to create their own three-dimensional shapes with origami (Japanese paper folding). Students will be learning basic origami techniques. Understanding and creating basic three-dimensional shapes and how to fold more advanced three-dimensional shapes.

The Art of Wizards Warriors and Dragons

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on your very own Hero’s Journey in a mystical and wondrous land? During our time together students will follow a story and create unique details to build amazing art pieces off, giving a physical representation of their amazing adventure. Students will learn about various mythological aspects, have guided demonstrations, discuss ideas, see images representing themes, practice new mediums, and explain their thinking. All this will lead into students taking their experience and knowledge gained and applying it to not creating a final product. So, get your pen and shield ready, your about to embark on an ART adventure!