Track B-2 Descriptions

Creating Websites 

Have you ever wanted to create a website about something and share it with the world?  We will be taking a deep dive into the technologies needed to create websites then using them to build a couple of our own.   

During this class we will be exploring structuring websites with HTML, styling that structure with CSS, and giving useful and fun functionality with Javascript.  By the end of this class, each student will have a fully functioning website.

Day #1: Components of a website (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
Day #2: Creating the structure of a custom page
Day #3: Exploring styling, styling frameworks, and applying style to our page.
Day #4: Exploring dynamic functionality and applying some of our.
Day #5: Wrap up work on our site and publish it for viewing.

Back Stage PASS!

Have you ever wondered how do they produce that show or event? From the stadium to the stage, students will partake in behind the scenes opportunities only available at MSU. Students will be able to participate in a unique experience each day with maybe even have a few surprises along the way! Whether you have or have not visited and experienced MSU before, students will have fun at exclusive events throughout the week! 

Ancient Mathematics 

Numbers were invented to count things-for example, a herdsman needed to keep track of how many sheep he had. Learn why this and other problems like it evolved into one of the earliest and most important branches of mathematics: geometry. For thousands of years, many people from around the world have known the importance of geometry. The Chinese in the Far East, the Greeks in the Mediterranean, and the Inca and Maya in the Americans studied geometry thousands of years ago.

Mon: Shape Changers: These are shape-changes for puzzles we’re going to solve!

Tue: Geometry Games.

Wed: Tampering with Triangles

Thur: Sadako and Her Paper Cranes: All about paper folding.

Fri: The Mobius Strip