Track C Descriptions

The Science of Measurement: Learn how ancient and modern tools were used for measurement

Students will learn about various measurement tools and how they were developed over the course of hundreds of years. Students will learn about how modern instruments, like satellites, use nature, like salt flats, to help calibrate themselves in space. In addition, students will explore how people used to measure without modern tools and explore the tools they had at that time.

Creating Art in a Box: Designing comics and superheroes

Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Video Games have taken over the Superhero WORLD! For this GUPPY art class students will  discuss and learn about the history behind comics and super heroes before diving in deep and creating their own then making art projects themed around their created characters origin story!  During each project, we will do more than just create an art piece, but we learn all about it!  From discussion about the mediums being used and the history behind the art piece and connecting movements to presentations containing various images, videos, and information, students will receive a well-rounded experience challenging them both mentally and pushing their art skills to the next level. So get you superhero poses perfected, because you are going to be an ART superstar!

Train Your Math Brain: Improving your mathematical abilities

A new regular activity that challenges your brain helps build cognitive skills and helps your brain develop as you grow and age. This class will focus on the understanding of the human brain and how we use it to learn math. Meet the big names (and even bigger brains) who made mathematical history, such as Pythagoras and Isaac Newton. Students will improve their cognitive skills by participating in a variety of exercises designed to improve memory and abstract thinking. Some examples of memory based exercises are The Tray Game, Going on a Trip, and Pareidolia Art.