Track D-3 Descriptions

Would you Like a Piece of Pi?

This class convers how pi was invented and used by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. It will also cover how pi is used today. Kids will learn ancient techniques that were used for approximating pi to several decimal points. The mathematical level of this class is flexible, and there is plenty for kids of all levels and interests.

Science Olympiad Exploration Jr.

In this class, students will learn what Science Olympiad is and experience different events. Participants will be building and testing different devices in this class. One event example is Write it/Do It: A technical writing exercise where students write a description of a contraption and other students will attempt to recreate it using only the written description. 


Learn how to build a world in Minecraft! (Instead of just playing in them)

Playing Minecraft as a game is one thing; coding with Minecraft is another. Think how cool it would be to have someone play a game you created in Minecraft! Games like Minecraft helps students of all ages stay engaged and advocates taking ownership of their learning.

The course will focus on how to use scripts for a variety of purposes. For example, how to 1) make a flying drone for the player to control 2) build obstacles for the player to overcome 3) construct a tunnel passage for the player to pass through, and much more.