Track E-1 Descriptions

Science-Fiction Art

Who has not dreamed of going into space, meeting aliens, and playing with their advanced technology?  For this GUPPY art class we will visit the theme of Science Fiction!!! We will do various art projects based around this theme, heading towards our ultimate goal of creating a interactive art scene combining all the different projects we do that chronicle our amazing space odyssey! Through this journey students will learn about connecting topics relating to artistic styles, mediums, and movements throughout history.  Students will engage in guided discussing paired with presentations showing students information giving them a experience second to none!  With this students will head closer towards having the ability to accurately express ideas effectively and practice developing their artistic skills as an individual.  So get ready to blast off in this enriching art class!

Mathematical Brainteasers

Do you adore puzzles? Do you love riddles? Do you enjoy math? Ready to master tricky brain teasers, learn how to solve challenging riddles, and increase your chances of winning games?  Puzzles are one of the best ways to learn, but also have fun at the same time. Students will have the chance to use logic, mathematics, and other fundamental skills, all while developing a love for twisting and teasing their BRAIN! Let the madness begin!!

Public Service and Safety Careers

Do you always want to help people? Do you feel a call to serve your community? Being a public safety professional can offer a rewarding career that is service oriented and exciting. The most popular careers in public safety include EMT, police and firefighter.  There are many opportunities and roles in these fields. Students will learn about administering CPR, being an EMT, working in public safety and a career as a firefighter.  Public safety and service professionals will share their experiences about their important work and students will experience hands on activities to help understand the daily responsibilities of working in public service.