Track E Descriptions

Survivor! Survivor! Basic skills for wilderness survival

Are you a Survivor? Do you love the outdoors? Students will learn the basics of survival, avoid common mistakes, and how to navigate if they find themselves lost along the way.  Students will learn advanced techniques to put into practice for their next adventure and enjoy learning how to be a citizen scientist with the use of apps like Seek.

Understanding Pi: A perennial puzzle

Although Pi was discovered way back when and has become more popular over the years including the accidental discovery decades ago that March 14th spells out the first three digits of pi. As you probably know, pi is the number that describes how the circumference of a circle relates to its diameter. This basic relationship throughout history has proven to become useful in not only math and engineering, but has been adapted to automobiles, spacecraft and even medical procedures, music theory and communications. This class will cover how pi was invented and used by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. It will also cover how pi is used today. Kids will learn ancient techniques that were used for approximating pi to several decimal points. The mathematical level of this class is flexible, and there is plenty for kids of all levels and interests.

POP ART: Creating bright and bold art using various media and methods

During this class students will learn about the famous art movement that started in the 1950s, Pop Art. They will be introduced to famous artists like David Hockney, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring! We will talk about the meanings behind their art, the movement, and the various artistic ideas normally put into their art. Students will engage in guided discussions, view various images representing the movement’s art style, and even get some hands on demonstration before moving into creating their own art pieces representing an aspect of Pop Art. Artists mirror this movement’s choice of making art with bold lines and bright colors when creating our own POP art, creating awesome projects using various medias and methods. With these students will work towards becoming artists that are more proficient and boost their knowledge of art and the world around them! So get ready, POP Art is ready to start!

Supplies needed: white paper, colored pencils, crayons, markers, black pen, pencil/eraser, water color, tape (masking or painters if possible), a little oven bake clay (2 or 3 small bricks max), magazines or something else students can cut images from (news paper inserts, adds, etc), scissors, and glue