Track F-3 Descriptions

Mental Math Calculations

This class is all about doing crazy math in your head. Learn how to perform lightning quick calculations that will astonish those around you. Before you know it, you will be calling out the answers in class while the other kids are still writing down the problem!

Ludicrous Logic Grids

In each logic grid puzzle, you are given a short narrative containing two or more categories, with an equal number of things within those categories. You must figure out which things in each category are linked together based on the given clues. There is only one correct answer per puzzle, though!

Night at the Art Museum

Museums are amazing places in which we get to see and hear about experiences of old and new, seeing things we would not normally have ever gotten a chance to.  But what would happen if the displays could talk? Think of the stories they could tell us!  Like the famous movie, Night at the Museum, this art class will delve into historical pieces and the stories behind them, giving students a well-rounded lesson connecting history and art! Students will learn about various art mediums, tips and tricks on how to use them, and even learn about techniques and reaching towards developing their abilities to practice and create on their own.  Students will also experience discussion on the topics paired with presentations giving them visuals to use as a starting point for their very own creations. Though this we will also get a chance to digitally visit Art Museums to reflect on its art pieces and their connection to our everyday lives and ideas. So get your pencil and paper out and get ready for the art museum experience of a lifetime!