Track H-1 Descriptions

The Art of Design and Modeling

In this class you will take on the role of a designer, learning about topics from Drafting Buildings to Fashion Designing. The world of designing has any different jobs, each with specific fields and focuses they hold. From these you will gain inspiration and guidance in creating your very own art projects based around given history and information. This will be paired with practice in the topic, all leading towards creating many different art projects in this amazing class.  Students will discuss ideas and work on describing their thoughts and creative process all while taking in others viewpoints, making their art and problem solving process more well-rounded and giving them more experience to pull from! So get ready, your about to spend your summer becoming a DESIGNER!


Modern zoos have a long history that is worth exploring together. You will get a chance to learn about the evolution of zoos and their purposes in this class. Many of us enjoy zoos but have you ever wondered if animals are happy? How do we measure animal welfare in zoos? You will also have the opportunity to design some enrichment for your favorite animals and even a visit to the local zoo for some hands-on experience.  

Media Savvy

It is important for every person to have practical knowledge in order to provide value and grow. Savvy is a program that teaches practical knowledge to people in the area of media creation. The purpose of the program is to help youth go from content consumption to creation. This will in turn help with pursuing dreams and can create a stream of income.

Skill: Basic Photography + Videography understanding, basic usage of editing software, basic equipment knowledge and usage


  • Show what is possible in the industry
  • Open eyes to the different ways of working in the field
  • Change mindsets from consuming to creating
  • Have each student create content and have content created about them