Track J-1 Descriptions

An Artmaking Journey Around the Globe

Vacation, it is something we all love to do, this class will try and capture that spirit and will have the students go on a journey around the world, looking at various sights and cultures and what that they have to offer!  Students will create art projects based upon where they are “visiting” during out journey, each project being brought together at the end chronicling their world tour!  Students will discuss artistic topics, see presentations relating to styles, mediums, and history, and finally participate in exercises getting them prepped to create an amazing final product for each project. These activities will engage students and work on improving their artistic skills and gaining a better insight and understanding!  So let’s take off to destination art!

Monday: preparing for your flight – oven bake clay

Tuesday: World Map – Collaging and construction paper

Wed: World Landmark – Watercolor resist

Thursday: Passport stamps – printmaking

Fri: Creating a passport – Construction paper, weaving, using all projects leading up to this

Harry Potter: Science of the Wizarding World*

Calling all Wizards, grab your wand and head to Hogwarts for Witchcraft and Wizardry! All students will be required to report to MSU’s Chamber of Reception on June 26, 2023. If you are a true Harry Potter aficionado or a beginner to the wizarding world all are invited, even muggles are welcome too!  

Each day students will experience magical creatures to magical spells. Come and share your love and/or knowledge of the dark villains and iconic characters of the Wizarding World! 

If you have had the Sorting Hat choose your house or not, you will find your place and join your fellow Potterheads in your Hogwarts House. All may choose to celebrate your house pride and bring your wand on the last day. 


Modern zoos have a long history that is worth exploring together. You will get a chance to learn about the evolution of zoos and their purposes in this class. Many of us enjoy zoos but have you ever wondered if animals are happy? How do we measure animal welfare in zoos? You will also have the opportunity to design some enrichment and exhibit space for your favorite animals.

There is no one 'right' way to design animal space at the interface of science and design, so we are not prescribing a set of steps or a blueprint for successful design. Rather, our objectives for this course are to equip students with the tools to embark on interdisciplinary research with the confidence to create a suitable and sustainable 'space' for animals to maximize their well-being.

This 5-day course will focus on learning about animal behavior and welfare.

Day 1: Course Overview; Introductions; Discussion on Zootopia

Day 2: Animal Biology and Welfare lecture

Day 3: Zoo Design Lecture; learn about the design process; start your own design

Day 4: Q&A for student zoo exhibit design

Day 5: Student Presentations; Reflections