Track J-1 Descriptions

Learning Math from Zero to Infinity - Dealing with big numbers and exploring the concept of infinity

How big is our universe? How many numbers are there? Is 1+ ∞ the same as ∞+1? These are some of the questions we will pounder in this class. This class is a journey about into the mysterious and fantastic world of infinity (and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear would say).

A Tour of Western Culture through Art

Western civilization has gone through some amazing changes throughout the years, advancement in technology, culture, and even ART! For this class we will discuss various art movements that happened through western culture, learning about their contributions to art all around the world as well as their transformation throughout modern history. Student will talk about topics from multiple eras, such as prehistoric art, gothic art, surrealism, pop art, and more! Students will learn about the topics, engage in discussion, and see hands on demonstrations, giving them lots of reference and experience to apply into creating their own amazing art pieces. Students will work on developing the ever-important skill of describing their thoughts and ideas, helping them explain their viewpoints and making their thinking visible!  Students will leave this class with lots of experience and knowledge that they can apply into creating their own art. So, get ready to take a historical journey through time this summer!