Track K-3 Descriptions

Fashion Art Icons

Every wonder what your life would be like if you lived in a cartoon world? Well with this class you will get the chance! We will dive deep into conversation about the history of cartooning and animation/illustration and use these to guide you in creating your very own story about what your day would be like as a cartoon character! Students will engage in guided discussing paired with presentations showing students information giving them an experience second to none! With this, students will head closer towards having the ability to accurately express ideas effectively and practice developing their artistic skills as an individual. So, get your sketching pencils ready, your about to BECOME the main character in your very own comic! 

Spanish is my Superpower!

There are so many reasons that learning Spanish will help you! Learning Spanish will make learning other languages easier. It also boosts your brain with better memory, efficiency, and processing speed even as you get older. Are you ready for the ULTIMATE introduction course to the Spanish language! We will explore areas in both spoken and written activities with geographical and cultural highlights and vocabulary that focuses on the family, body, food, weather, and clothing. ¡Cada niño hablará español el primer día! Each student will speak Spanish the very first day!

Looking for Pythagoras

In this class, kids will explore side lengths and areas of right triangles and squares. Their explorations will lead them to discover one of the most important relationships in all of mathematics: The Pythagorean Theorem. This theorem is so important that much of geometry, trigonometry and calculus would be impossible without it. In addition to learning about the Pythagorean Theorem and how to apply it to solve everyday problems, students will also learn how to 1) relate an area of a square to its side length 2) develop strategies for finding the distance between two points on a coordinate grid 3) estimate the value of square roots of whole numbers 4) locate irrational numbers on a number line.