Track L-1 Descriptions

Game On! 

Many games rely on pure skill, but more games include a dash – or more – of chance. We’ll discuss the probability involved in making a game using tools like dice and cards and use that knowledge to construct a game of our own!

Monday: Probability and cards & dice and the differences between independent and non-independent events.
Tuesday: Discuss various ways of combining multiple events; sums of dice, best-of-two rolls, rerolls, etc.
Wednesday: Discuss producing a game of their own using both cards and dice. Discuss the effects of the board and how positioning interacts with something like “dice to move”.
Thursday: Work with the students to design their own game; have them group up to design a game based on a few restrictions.
Friday: Show off their ideas with one another and play the games.

Math Can Get Very Dice-y

When you roll a die, you are playing with probability. With each roll, you are just as likely to get 1 as you are 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. That means that you have one in six chances to get any number. And each time you throw the die, the probability of getting a particular number remains the same. What if you roll two dice? Can you figure out what your probabilities of getting a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 are now? Will your chances increase or decrease?

Mon: Probability Scrabble; A Coin Toss: doing a simulated coin-toss experiment.

Tue: Prisoners Game: a game for two players using coins and dice. Whoever frees all the prisoners first wins!

Wed: Let ‘er Roll: Unlike the Prisoners Game, this one will offer equal chances of winning to all players!

Thur: Even and Odd: The game where one player will always win, and one player will always lose. What’s going on? Who does only one player keep winning?

Fri: An Average Day: What do you know about estimating averages?

Science-Fiction Art

Who has not dreamed of going into space, meeting aliens, and playing with their advanced technology?  For this GUPPY art class we will visit the theme of Science Fiction!!! We will do various art projects based around this theme, heading towards our ultimate goal of creating a interactive art scene combining all the different projects we do that chronicle our amazing space odyssey! Through this journey students will learn about connecting topics relating to artistic styles, mediums, and movements throughout history.  Students will engage in guided discussing paired with presentations showing students information giving them a experience second to none!  With this students will head closer towards having the ability to accurately express ideas effectively and practice developing their artistic skills as an individual.  So get ready to blast off in this enriching art class!

Monday: Space – Oven Bake Clay

Tuesday: Robots – Water Color Resist

Wed: Pets of the Future - Drawing

Thursday: Space Ships - Printmaking

Fri: aliens – construction paper