Track L-2 Descriptions

The History of Numbers

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Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with "C" 

Do you love art? Do you love food that not only looks like art, but tastes good? Have you ever seen those cookies challenges on the Food Network or social media where bakers create cookies that almost look too pretty to eat? Students will learn how to make and bake cookies as well as how to work with royal icing and how to decorate specialty sugar cookies! Participants will learn the skills necessary to replicate the recipes and designs on their own, as well as take home the fruits of their labor after they have worked on creating their own edible masterpieces that will be not only beautiful, but delicious! 

The Art of Color: Understanding the Color Wheel 

Have you ever wondered why some colors on the color wheel look good next to another, but ugly when paired with others? Or why mixing together red and blue make purple? Well in this class students will do a deep dive into Color Theory, learning about the basics, like primary and secondary colors from the color wheel, and building from there into more complicated topics, like Analogous, Complementary, and Intermediate Color Theory!  We will learn about these topics, and more, by seeing multiple different examples, discussing its history, and finally learning about their applications in the art world. Students will not only learn about these topics in a hands on setting, but they will also apply them to creating unique and exciting art pieces, delving not only into our topic but other art medias too. This class will push the students understanding of colors application and use in the art world, giving them a better understanding of the topic and letting them take this knowledge in to not only their own art creation, but their everyday life. So get your color pallet ready, because we are going to become color theory masters!