Track P-2 Descriptions

More Than a Creepy Crawly! Entomology 

Ever wonder why those ants marching underfoot find their way into our kitchens? Why just one fruit fly can turn into 500 in just 2 weeks, or why fireflies light up the night sky? In this course, students will be exposed to and informed about some of the many insects they find in their daily lives, particularly insects found at crime scenes and aquatic insects. By encouraging respectful interactions with our invertebrate friends, they'll learn that creepy crawlers aren't as creepy as they're made out to be. Each student will leave with positive experiences that reshape the way they view insects and knowledge about what makes them so unique!

Class Highlights:

  • Forensic Entomology background
  • Crime Scene
  • Insects
  • Aquatic Entomology Red Cedar River sampling
  • Maggot Art

Mathematical Logic

Description coming soon

Pixel Art and Animation

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