Track D-2 Descriptions

Let's Conserve

Conservation Biology focuses on the science of analyzing and protecting the earth’s biological diversity drawing from the biological, physical and social sciences, economics, and the practice of natural resource management.

3-D and Mixed Media

The art world is FILLED with medias being used in unconventional ways, and in this class we will not only discuss these wacky combinations, but also CREATE some amazing art pieces!  During our time together students wont just see art, but they will create it too, starting with seeing art from all around the world, discussing it and having students make observations, get hands-on demonstrations, and even engage in practice with the multitude of medias we will be using, all before making some amazing and unique art pieces. Students will gain the experience in forming ideas based off of observations, explaining their ideas, and gaining knowledge in order to create art on their own. So get ready to dive into the interesting world of ART!


Description coming soon