Track I-3 Descriptions

Understanding the Universe

"Understanding the Universe" is a fascinating class for students who want to learn about the mysteries of the cosmos. This course covers the basic principles of cosmology, including the structure and evolution of the universe, stars, galaxies, and the Big Bang theory. Students will also explore the nature of space and time, and delve into the latest research and discoveries in the field of astronomy. Through interactive discussions students will develop critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the wonders of the universe. Come join us on an exciting journey to understand the universe and beyond!

Day 1: Introduction to Cosmology and the Big Bang Theory

  • Introduction to the class and a brief overview of cosmology
  • Introduction to the Big Bang theory, its history, and how it became the most widely accepted explanation for the origin of the universe
  • Class discussion and student questions
  • Hands-on activity to demonstrate the expansion of the universe

Day 2: Galaxies, Stars, and Exoplanets

  • Introduction to galaxies and their types
  • Overview of star formation and life-cycle
  • Classification of stars based on their size, temperature, and luminosity
  • Overview of exoplanets and detection methods

Day 3: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Future of Cosmology

  • Explanation of dark matter and its role in the universe
  • Explanation of dark energy and its effects on the universe
  • Drake Equation & Fermi Paradox discussion

Telling Stories and Sharing Experiences 

It is important for every person to have practical knowledge in order to provide value and grow. Savvy is a program that teaches practical knowledge to people in the area of media creation. The purpose of the program is to help youth go from content consumption to creation. This will in turn help with pursuing dreams and can create a stream of income.

Skill: Basic Photography + Videography understanding, basic usage of editing software, basic equipment knowledge and usage


  • Show what is possible in the industry
  • Open eyes to the different ways of working in the field
  • Change mindsets from consuming to creating
  • Have each student create content and have content created about them

Wearable Art: Custom Cleats!*

Custom sneakers have taken the world by storm. Athletes, musicians, rappers, celebrities and even teenagers around the world are buying custom-made sneakers adorned with their own likeness, favorite drink or even their musical group of choice. Not to mention a few brands such as the NFL, MLB, NBA and WWE have signed on to these custom kicks. Students in this class will have a unique experience to work with a female Michigan sneaker artist who was recently featured as one of Major League Baseball’s The Bridge, presented by CEO Act!on for Diversity & Inclusion during All-Star week. Students will not only learn general art techniques, the tricks and tips of sneaker art, but students will also be customizing their own kicks during this class and will take them home to sport around their neighborhood.  

Prior to Day 1-Students must purchase sneakers, bring them to class, and have ideas for their designs 

Day 1 Students will prep shows and sketch art designs 

Day 2 Students will begin outlining designs and begin painting 

Day 3 Students will complete painting and seal paint on their shoes

***Additional Class Material costs apply. Students will be required to bring their own vinyl or leather sneakers to paint. If your family may need financial assistance, please complete a financial aid materials request here