Track L-2 Descriptions

Media Savvy

It is important for every person to have practical knowledge in order to provide value and grow. Savvy is a program that teaches practical knowledge to people in the area of media creation. The purpose of the program is to help youth go from content consumption to creation. This will in turn help with pursuing dreams and can create a stream of income.

Skill: Basic Photography + Videography understanding, basic usage of editing software, basic equipment knowledge and usage


  • Show what is possible in the industry
  • Open eyes to the different ways of working in the field
  • Change mindsets from consuming to creating
  • Have each student create content and have content created about them

Futurama and the City of Tomorrow

What will living in the future be like, and what technology will we use? Join us to explore the future city with autonomous vehicles, robots, digital shopping, and drones.  What benefits of new technology can we expect, and what problems might occur? We will learn about new technology, and we welcome your ideas about how you would like to live in the future.

Real World Algebra: Algebra+Problems=Real World Connections

This class will cover traditional problem-solving strategies and some new ones that the instructor has come up with. The class will include logic, ratios, function machines, understanding bases, drawing pictures, permutations, etc.