Track M-2 Descriptions

Nuclear Astrophysics: Massive Stars, Tiny Nuclei, and You

What do the history of the universe, the life and death of stars, and the elements that make up your body have in common? Nuclear astrophysics! Nuclear reactions such as fusion, fragmentation, and radioactive decay have guided the chemical evolution of the universe and the energy cycle in stars. This course, sponsored by MSU’s world-class Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), will introduce you to the wonders of nuclei in deep space!

Jaw Dropping Geometry

Understanding geometry requires learning lots of words that are used to describe geometric figures and properties. This class will cover some of them. Although you won’t begin your study of geometric figures until middle school or high school, you probably already know a lot of geometric concepts. You can tell the difference between a long line and a short line or between a square and a circle, and you may already know about π.

Mon: A Number with A Name: All about π.

Tue: Words 2 Know: Circumference and Diameter.

Wed: A Slice of π: How to approximate the value of π.

Thur: Making Sense of the Irrational.

Fri: How Close Were They: How the Ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks approximated π.

Decorating Sugar Cookies 101*

In this class students will learn how to decorate sugar cookies using royal icing. A variety of techniques will be introduced, such as flooding, outlining, wet on wet, etc. Students will come away with new knowledge and 8 decorated sugar cookies.

Day 1: Introduction. Bag technique, practice.
Day 2-5: Theory into practice.