Track N-3 Descriptions


Do you like being outside? Do you like finding secret treasure? X-marks the spot!

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receivers to find hidden “geocaches”.

There are currently over 3 million geocaches available and hidden all over the planet. Students will learn how geocaching works and then set out to find a few of those million caches hidden on the Michigan State University campus.

What Makes a Bird a Bird?

Students will learn about what makes a bird “a bird” (feathers, body structure, flight). The variety of food they eat and the unique adaptations for finding and eating food. And, how can we begin to identify the birds in our own backyard. Students will get to design/draw their own bird species and challenge themselves to collect food with a few different ‘bird beaks’.

To learn more about migration, students will participate in a migration game, learn about why and how birds migrate, the challenges birds face during migration and how people can help minimize the risks bird face during migration. They will also learn about the importance of native plants for migrating birds that use stopover sites along their way to rest and find food to fuel their flight.

The final day students will learn how scientists study birds at the Michigan State Bird Observatory. They will get to use our mini-mist net set up to capture, extract and release a stuffed-animal bird. Students will also learn what scientists learn from studying bird poop! They will use a berry to make their own berry smear sample and try to match that up with the poo sample copies that we have from our real birds!

Sneaker Art

Can sneakers be art? “YES!” says the pop culture art world! The retail custom market is being taken by storm by artists who are lighting the retail custom sneaker market on fire. Athletes, musicians, rappers, celebrities and even teenagers around the world are buying custom-made sneakers adorned with their own likeness, favorite drink or even their musical group of choice. Not to mention a few brands such as the NFL, MLB, NBA and WWE have signed on to these custom kicks.

Students in this class will have a unique experience to work with a female Michigan sneaker artist who was recently featured as one of Major League Baseball’s The Bridge, presented by CEO Act!on for Diversity & Inclusion during All-Star week.

Students will not only learn general art techniques, the tricks and tips of sneaker art, but students will also be customizing their own kicks during this class and will take them home to sport around their neighborhood.

Sneaker Art Shoe Requirements