Track O-3 Descriptions


The weather has a huge impact on everyday life for people all over the world. Forecasts can range from sunny skies to violent tornadoes, fog and showers to icy blizzards, or scorching heat waves to flash flooding. WILX News 10 Meteorologist Justin Bradford is ready to explain what causes everything from a normal day of the week to some of the most extreme weather events you’ve ever heard of. You’ll learn about weather here in Michigan and all over the Earth through discussion, fun exercises, jaw-dropping videos and even a few hands-on activities!


Modern zoos have a long history that is worth exploring together. You will get a chance to learn about the evolution of zoos and their purposes in this class. Many of us enjoy zoos but have you ever wondered if animals are happy? How do we measure animal welfare in zoos? You will also have the opportunity to design some enrichment and exhibit space for your favorite animals.

There is no one 'right' way to design animal space at the interface of science and design, so we are not prescribing a set of steps or a blueprint for successful design. Rather, our objectives for this course are to equip students with the tools to embark on interdisciplinary research with the confidence to create a suitable and sustainable 'space' for animals to maximize their well-being.

This 3-day course will focus on hands on experience in design zoo exhibits and building models.

Mathematical Logic

Description coming soon