Track S-1 Descriptions

Puzzles, Patterns, and Problem Solving

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Introduction to ASL

This class will serve as a brief introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture. Students will be exposed to the basics of American Sign Language; fingerspelling (ASL alphabet), numbers, basic vocabulary and grammar to communicate at a beginning level. This class includes an introduction to Deaf history and culture in America. To encourage continued education in ASL, the students will learn the importance of learning ASL and about Deaf culture, be exposed to current events, and learn about influential people in the Deaf community. This class will be 90% voice on (English) and 10% voice off (ASL), so the students can experience some immersion in the language! No previous experience or exposure to ASL is required.


Learn how to build a world in Minecraft! (Instead of just playing in them)

Playing Minecraft as a game is one thing; coding with Minecraft is another. Think how cool it would be to have someone play a game you created in Minecraft! Games like Minecraft helps students of all ages stay engaged and advocates taking ownership of their learning.

The course will focus on how to use scripts for a variety of purposes. For example, how to 1) make a flying drone for the player to control 2) build obstacles for the player to overcome 3) construct a tunnel passage for the player to pass through, and much more.