Track S-3 Descriptions


Learn how to build a world in Minecraft! (Instead of just playing in them)

Playing Minecraft as a game is one thing; coding with Minecraft is another. Think how cool it would be to have someone play a game you created in Minecraft! Games like Minecraft helps students of all ages stay engaged and advocates taking ownership of their learning.

The course will focus on how to use scripts for a variety of purposes. For example, how to 1) make a flying drone for the player to control 2) build obstacles for the player to overcome 3) construct a tunnel passage for the player to pass through, and much more.

Math Olympiad Jr.

Students will develop strategies to solve common math problems typically found in local, regional and national contests

Students will learn to appreciate the art of mathematical problem-solving while strengthening the ability to employ problem-solving strategies.

Students will be exposed to mathematical concepts that might not otherwise be encountered in the public schools.

Math topics covered: Exponents and Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Linear Equations, Proportions, Number Theory, Quadradic Equations, Special Factorizations and Clever Manipulations, Circles, and Angles  

Investigating Animal Behavior in family Armadillidiidae

Students will use the scientific method to determine what conditions induce positive or negative taxis in rollie pollies and other isopods.  On day 1 students will learn about what these organisms require to live, will collect a few samples, and collect data for a control group.  On day 2, students will investigate variables of light, dark, hot and cold to determine isopod preferences using statistical measures and develop a plan for testing other variables of their choosing.  On day 3 students will implement their own experimental design, analyze the data they collect and present their findings to the class.  With parental permission, students may take home a few isopod pets at the end of the session.