Track T-1 Descriptions

Coordinate Graphing: Create Pictures Using Mathematics

This class will include practice for a wide variety of levels; coordinate graphing improves analytical thinking skills and strengthens mathematical reasoning. 

Art in Nature

Nature provides us with many beautiful sights, from chasms to mountains and everything in between! For this GUPPY art class we will be discussing nature and its influence on artists and how they will be adopting this as their theme for the class.  During this class students won’t only create art, but learn about its connecting topics, mediums, and techniques.  Students will engage in discussion, be presented with presentations paired with demonstrations of these said topics, helping them move forward in the development and understanding of their own art skills. We will be creating many different art projects based around Nature and some of wondrous sights it gives us!

Edible Art: Creative Cookies!!

Do you love art? Do you love food that not only looks like art, but tastes good? Have you ever seen those cookies challenges on the Food Network or social media where bakers create cookies that almost look too pretty to eat? Students will learn how to make and bake cookies as well as how to work with royal icing and how to decorate specialty sugar cookies! Participants will learn the skills necessary to replicate the recipes and designs on their own, as well as take home the fruits of their labor after they have worked on creating their own edible masterpieces that will be not only beautiful, but delicious!