Track T-2 Descriptions

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology focuses on the science of analyzing and protecting the earth’s biological diversity drawing from the biological, physical and social sciences, economics, and the practice of natural resource management.


A podcast is a digital broadcast made available on the Internet. The word “podcast” is derived from “pod” as in Apple’s iPod, the popular portable audio player, and “cast” from “broadcast”, meaning “to transmit for general or public use.” ~Learning Times. In this class, students will have a unique opportunity to work with MSU’s radio station IMPACT 89FM to develop their own podcast. They will work with the IMPACT staff to develop a podcasting topic, learn about interviewing, develop artwork with one of the graphic designers, record the audio, edit using audio software, and how to post it to their social media.

The Art of Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa

Have you heard of the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci? What about his most famous art piece, the Mona Lisa? Well in this GUPPY art class we will learn about these things and more! Students will be introduced to the master artist Leonardo Da Vinci, discuss his contributions to the art and design world, see examples of his work, and even receive hands on demonstrations on how to make art comparable to his. Students will be working with various medias and art styles throughout this class, such as painting, drawing, collaging, and more! This class will build students’ knowledge and skill in art, giving them a better understanding of the topic and letting them take this knowledge in to not only their own art creation, but their everyday life. Students wont only gain experience in art, but also create amazing pieces to share too. So, get ready to art journey through time this summer!