Week 1 (June 21-25, 2021)

Intensive Study in PRE-MED ED 

Are you interested in going into the healthcare field? Does becoming a doctor or nurse sound fascinating to you? If so, this is the perfect program for you. This program involves MSU’s health colleges. The purpose of this program is to foster an interest in the STEM fields, create awareness of college admission, and generate a strategy to become a successful health care professional. As participants, students will discover the content of medical courses through demonstrations and hands-on activities, explore the options for undergraduate majors, and gain information about medical specialties. Students will be learning and participating in CPR, Nursing simulation, medical escape room, and much more.

Intensive Study in Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry

According to the U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security, by 2030 humanity’s “annual global water requirements” will exceed “current sustainable water supplies” by 40%.  Many parts of the world already plagued by water scarcity.  How is this possible given that more than 70% of our planet is covered in this precious substance?  Join MSU’s Department of Earth and Environmental (EES) to explore modern day techniques for collecting and analyzing water data from different parts of the water cycle. 

Working with EES’ Hydrogeology and Biogeochemistry Laboratories, students will be exposed to field data collection techniques such as doppler radar instruments designed for measuring precise river flows, and an assortment of groundwater measurement techniques. Water samples will be collected in the field and a full wet chemistry laboratory experience will be provided in the MSU Geochemistry Teaching Lab. After this, exposure to computer model and satellite imagery analysis will provide a complete research experience for students interested in critical topics such as water resource management and global climate change implications of water scarcity. 


  • Use a variety of state-of-the-art equipment for collecting in situ river and groundwater data
  • Collect water samples for hands on wet chemistry analysis in MSU’s geochemistry laboratory.
  • Create computer models of these complex environmental systems using the data we collected in the field and laboratory.