Week 1 (June 21-26, 2020)

Intensive Study in Mathematical Machine Learning

Machine learning will soon be an obvious and direct motivation for students to learn mathematics. This class will provide a brief but precisely stated glimpse of what machine learning is. The instructor will motivate the need for mathematical concepts by directly pointing out their usefulness in the context of four central machine learning problems: Regression, Dimensionality Reduction, Density Estimation, and Classification  By the end of lecture, students will be equipped with the basic concepts presented for the day, and how they fit into the larger context of machine learning. The instructor will also recommend numerous resources for further study to those students who’re interested. Students will be able to gain an understanding of the basic questions in machine learning and connect practical questions arising from the use of machine learning. Mathematical concepts covered include: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, Distributions, and Analytic Geometry.

Intensive Study in Aircraft Piloting 

Aviation is a broad industry with many career possibilities from piloting, to Air Traffic Control, to Aerospace Engineering to support services like Culinary Arts.  There is something for everyone in the Aviation Industry.  We will give a broad overview of the industry and all the different types of careers that are possibilities for students to start considering.

After giving broad overview, the focus of this class will be learning about aerodynamics of how aircraft fly and are controlled.  This will include unusual attitude characteristics of flight, how entry is made and how to recover.  This knowledge is an invaluable base of knowledge if pilot training is pursued or for any type of career in Aviation.  You will also learn Aircraft Systems, Weather, the U.S. Air Traffic Control system, Airport Environments and Federal Aviation Regulations.  All these knowledge areas are requirements for passing the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge exam and are a base set of knowledge for any discipline within the aviation industry.

Each student will get an introductory flight lesson in a Diamond DA20 aircraft where they will complete the first lesson in the Crosswinds Aviation Private Pilot Syllabus.  This lesson will include the following tasks: Passenger Briefing, Cockpit Management, Engine Starting, Radio Communications, Taxiing / Brake Check, Before Takeoff Check, Normal Takeoff & Climb, Aircraft Flight Instruments, Climb / Level Off, Straight & Level Flight / Use of Trim, Pitch / Power Coordination, Shallow Banked Turns, Descents / Level Off, Traffic Pattern Operations, Collision Avoidance, Normal Approach & Landing, After Landing Checks, Parking, Securing & Proper Tie Down.

Intensive Study in Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Writing

Creativity is a critical outlet for intellectual thought and possibilities. This science fiction and fantasy course will involve learning to examine, analyze, and investigate short sample texts and will focus primarily on the intensive creation of your own short fiction in this genre.  Where do you want to take us: futuristic societies, magical worlds, mythical lands, or other imaginative places?

PRE-LAW: LitiGATE, An Intensive Study in Prosecuting and Defending A Criminal Case  

The immediate purpose of the program is to provide students with an introduction to the criminal justice system and criminal litigation. Students will have the opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate some of the basic trial skills necessary to be competent and effective trial advocates. The program will conclude with a mock trial where students will have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn during the program.


  • Students will learn to read a case file, a criminal statute, and a criminal complaint.
  • Students will create a case theme, observe skills necessary for opening statements and closing arguments, effective techniques for direct and cross-examination and proper methods for introducing items into evidence. 
  • After observing the tutorials, students will practice what they have learned by performing collaborative and interactive exercises designed to prepare for participating in a mock trial.  Professor Krause-Phelan and other instructors will provide feedback and constructive critiques to help prepare the students for their final mock trial.

Please note: The PRE-LAW: LitiGATE, An Intensive Study in Prosecuting and Defending A Criminal Case Closing Ceremony on Friday, June 26 will be from 5:00pm - 7:30pm at Western Michigan University's Cooley Law School.