Week 2 (June 27-July 1, 2022)

Pre-Med ED

Are you interested in going into the medical sciences? Does becoming a doctor, nurse or pharmacist sound fascinating to you? If so, then Pre-Med ED is perfect for you! The purpose of this program is to foster an interest in the STEM fields, specifically the medical sciences and to create awareness of college admission, and generate a strategy to become a successful health care professional. As participants, students will discover the content of medical courses through demonstrations and hands-on activities, explore the options for undergraduate and professional majors, and gain information about medical specialties. Students will be learning and participating in hands-on activities that include working with emergency medical technicians, pharmacology, physiology and much more. 

Technophobia in Fiction and in Film

How much do people fear or embrace technology? With schools of thought regarding "polytechnic-ism" as the trend for development and progression, this week-long course will look at a study of fiction and of film that run counter to this movement.  Such "technophobic" schools of thought include works from creative minds such as Jack London, Stephen King (as Richard Bachman), Orson Wells, James Cameron, and Michael Bay.  From these opening explorations, you will create a unique technophobic character, one who we will place into hypothetical situations alongside your classmates' fictional rosters.