Week 2 (June 28-July 2, 2021)

PRE-LAW: LitiGATE, An Intensive Study in Prosecuting and Defending A Criminal Case  

The immediate purpose of the program is to provide students with an introduction to the criminal justice system and criminal litigation. Students will have the opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate some of the basic trial skills necessary to be competent and effective trial advocates. The program will conclude with a mock trial where students will have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn during the program.


  • Students will learn to read a case file, a criminal statute, and a criminal complaint.
  • Students will create a case theme, observe skills necessary for opening statements and closing arguments, effective techniques for direct and cross-examination and proper methods for introducing items into evidence. 
  • After observing the tutorials, students will practice what they have learned by performing collaborative and interactive exercises designed to prepare for participating in a mock trial.  Professor Krause-Phelan and other instructors will provide feedback and constructive critiques to help prepare the students for their final mock trial.

Please note: The PRE-LAW: LitiGATE, An Intensive Study in Prosecuting and Defending A Criminal Case Closing Ceremony on Friday, July 2nd will be from 5:00pm - 7:30pm at Western Michigan University's Cooley Law School.