Week 4 (July 12-16, 2021)

Non-fiction v. Fiction Writing: Focus on Space and Place (2 week program: July 12 - 23)

In this course, students will examine setting as the character, working with describing places as they are, places imagined realistically, and places imagined without these realistic boundaries. As a product of these examinations, they will write their own works, and they will expand one of the three subgenres into a more extensive writing sample.  
Instructional Foci:
•    realist journalism, realistic fiction, and surrealistic fiction with a focus on space and place
•    the physical descriptions of places -- real and fictional via (de)familiarization  
•    written important considerations of insiders/outsiders  
•    characteristics of invitational writing
•    reading and writing experiences of rich descriptions
•    peer review/editing/publishing