Week 5 (July 19-23, 2021)

The World of Computer Science: The Underlying Language

This course will cover the basic material that you'll need to understand computer science and to build a foundation in coding. It will hit all the major topics of computer science and will walk you through the basics of Scratch, Python, and web development. Whether you want to refresh your memory, reinforce class instruction, or learn the basics, this course is the way to go!

Topics will include: Computer systems, Binary code, Algorithms, Loops, events, procedures, Programming in SCRATCH and Python, Boolean Expressions, Web development, Cybersecurity, HTML, CSS and more!

Class outcomes include:

  • Modeling individual decisions; defining decision; deciding what to decide
  • Analyzing a single option: identifying factors; identifying relationships; building connections; and scoring the option
  • Comparing options; selecting an option; testing the algorithm; summarizing the decision process
  • Changing a decision; monitoring a decision: time frames and the hybrid approach