MST Workshop Options

Below are the workshop options for MST@MSU (grades 7-8). Students will participate in one of the workshop options listed below through the duration of the MST week. During the application process, we ask students to rank all workshops in the order of what they are most interested in taking to what they are least interested in taking.

We do our best to place students into their top choice, although limited space and high demand for certain workshops may affect our ability to do that. You will be notified about your workshop placement after the final application deadline of May 24th, but before the program begins. 

Workshop options for the week of June 21-25, 2021

Studio Arts: From watercolors to mixed media to sculpting clay 

In this class we will create several beautiful, creative, and fun pieces of art.  We will explore a variety of mediums and complete as many projects as time allows.  We will get a little messy, ESPECIALLY on the days we do clay, so don't wear your best clothes.  We will also work outside a little, weather permitting.  Don't stress about your talent and experience, success on these projects will depend on your ability to follow directions, hard work, and a little luck.   I hope to introduce each of you to some new ways of thinking about and looking at the world around you.  Expect to try something new and to draw in a way unlike the ways you have tried before.  During each project we will do more than just create an art piece, but we learn all about it!  From discussion about the mediums being used and the history behind the art piece and connecting movements to presentations containing various images, videos, and information, students will receive a well-rounded experience challenging them both mentally and pushing their art skills to the next level.  I look forward to meeting you all and having the best summer ever!

Hatch Your Hustle: Developing the skills to be an entrepreneur and innovator 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation are the driving forces when comes to wealth creation and societal impact.

In the course, students will assess, explore, and critique the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. Both, entrepreneurship and innovation is approached as a way of thinking and acting, as an attitude and a behavior. The emphasis is on entrepreneurship and innovation as a process that can be applied in virtually any organizational setting.

The main focus will be on the creation of new ventures and business models, the ways that they come into being, and factors associated with their success. This is a course of many ideas and questions, and students will be encouraged to develop and defend their own set of conclusions regarding each of these issues.

Students will learn from various guest speakers, active conversation, and hands on implementation.

Media Creation in a Digital Age World

It is important for every person to have practical knowledge in order to provide value and grow. Individuals become more fulfilled and are able to give value rather than just consuming.  One can also have a broader range of options when pursuing a career as their level of practical knowledge is expanded. An area that just about everyone can provide value in is through social media and the digital world.

As the field is rapidly developing, there is a broad range of opportunity to take advantage of. Savvy is a program that teaches practical knowledge to people in the area of media creation. This knowledge is able to be used to tell a story, capture experiences and share opinions. The purpose of the program is to help people go from content consumption to creation. In turn, this will assist with pursuing dreams and can create a stream of income. This program will go through the ins and outs of media creation starting with the basics and working up to professional level.

Workshop options for the week of July 12-16, 2021

Composing Electronic Music: Recording, editing, and sound creation using technology

Anyone can compose and perform electronic music without any prior knowledge or musical training by using technology. Students will develop skills and musical vocabulary through computer programs that are available on tablets and cellphones. Also, students will learn recording techniques, the basics of digital audio, and audio editing. Students will:

  • Learn the basics of recording, editing, and sound creation using technology
  • Develop an understanding of the basics of digital audio
  • Use music production programs that are available on tablets and cellphones
  • Compose original music; and 5, learn skills in order to continue to create electronic music in the future.

College Prep: Navigating the road to college through persistence and fit

As a high school student the road to navigating the way from high school to college is difficult. This path is filled with uncertainties, questions and many unknowns. This class will provide students access to experts in admissions, high school advising, and various areas of higher education and will work with students to:

  • Learn how to develop a strong resume
  • Learn how to ask for letter of recommendation
  • Learn from college and university admissions experts in a panel format
  • Learn what your interests are and how this translates into college applications
  • Learn about college applications from university experts
  • Learn about IB/AP/Honors courses and dual enrollment options

The Chemistry of Cooking: Exploring the reactions between food and science

Do you love feasting on the science of cooking? Do you know why a simple egg is so important when baking a cake? Egg yolks are an emulsifier that helps the oil-based and water-based components of the cake mix together. When eggs are cooked, the protein molecules uncurl when exposed to heat and create new molecular bonds with other nearby protein molecules. When the egg is completely cooked, it helps form a protein network that gives the cake structure.

Students will also discuss the building blocks of cooking and the basics of food, explore how science transforms food by being redefined as gels, foams, and powders and acquire knowledge on proper food handling, food storage safety, and the use of cooking tools and equipment.

As students will discover, cooking is so much more than just eating! In this culinary workshop, students will explore the relationship between food and science.

Grab your apron and your beaker, work side-by-side with fellow students in the kitchen of Michigan State’s own culinary staff and join us in creating chemical concoctions!