Workshop Options

Below are the workshop options for MST@MSU (grades 7-8). Students will participate in 1 of the workshop options listed below during the MST program. During the application process, we ask students to rank all workshops in the order of what they are most interested in taking to what they are least interested in taking. We do our best to place students into their top choice, although limited space and high demand for certain workshops may affect our ability to do that. You will be notified about your workshop placement after the final application deadline of May 2nd, but before the program begins. 

Anime and Manga

Anime is an art form to those who appreciate it. A wide range of audiences each year are targeted with its complicated, in-depth and emotional storylines. Topics include the history of anime and manga, anime in gaming, and ‘old school’ anime. Hands-on experiences will include: Viewing anime and anime music videos from a variety of genres, discussing/debating anime and Japanese pop culture, enjoying Japanese food/snacks, reading/creating manga, karaoke, and an introduction to anime conventions and Cosplaying.


In this on-site, hands-on workshop, students will have the opportunity to learn the essentials of archery. The foundation for each class will teach archers some fundamentals and drills to strengthen the archer’s confidence and increase proficiency. Each class will build on the previous class. Students will be introduced to the recurve bow, compound bow, and crossbow. Whether you are a beginner or skilled shooter, this class has something to offer everyone. (Please note: All necessary equipment will be provided.)

Composing Electronic Music

Ever wonder how you can use a technology to create music? If so, then this is the course for you. Best of all, no experience is required. With the power of technology, you can compose and perform electronic music even if you don’t know how to read music or play an instrument. In this course, students will learn live recording techniques, audio editing, and the basic of digital audio. Students will build a skill set and music vocabulary through the use of programs on tablets and cellphones. The course will also explore the science and math behind sound and use this knowledge in exciting ways to compose their own original works. Again, no experience is required and all forms of musical experience are welcome. Hands-on experiences will include: Learning the basics of technology to record, edit, and create sounds, utilizing programs readily available on tablets and cellphones for music production, and composing new original music.

Film Analysis and Evaluation

Many people watch films for merely entertainment purposes. Though this is a perfectly acceptable purpose for viewing, it often means that viewers are unaware of the messages that filmmakers are trying to help audiences understand. Those messages may even
change based on an audience. For instance, the audience of an original film might get one message while the audience from a later remake might get something completely different. In this workshop, we will use a variety of films/film clips not only to learn about how to think more deeply about the messages filmmakers are presenting; we will also identify and apply specific criteria for evaluating those messages as well as other key criteria specific to film.

Social Rhetoric

Rhetoric. What does that really mean? Why does the media often use the word rhetoric with disdain? What is rhetoric, in particular beyond the appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos most often discussed in high schools? In this class, students will investigate the answers to these questions with a shared purpose: to learn how to analyze the world around them more rhetorically. In this process, students will engage in activities to examine and to discuss the world and its complexities through various rhetorical lenses. Projects will include examining current events and the ways in which the social and cultural contexts create exigencies for informal discussions and formal arguments.

Studio Arts

In this class, students will create several beautiful, creative, and fun pieces of art. This workshop will explore a variety of mediums and complete as many projects as time allows. Students will learn not to stress about their talent and experience, but be successful in their artistic expression. Exploring new ways of thinking about and looking at the world around and seeing it through an artistic lens. Expect to try something new and to draw in a way unlike the ways you have tried before. During each project, students will more than just create an art piece; the whole class will learn about it! From discussion about the mediums being used and the history behind the art piece and connecting movements to presentations containing various images, videos, and information, students will receive a well-rounded experience challenging them both mentally and pushing their art skills to the next level.