Leadership Workshop Options

Below are the Leadership Workshop options for MSTL students (grades 9-10). Students will participate in 1 of the workshop options listed below during the MSTL program. During the application process, we ask students to rank all workshops in the order of what they are most interested in taking to what they are least interested in taking. We do our best to place students into their top choice, although limited space and high demand for certain workshops may affect our ability to do that. You will be notified about your workshop placement after the final application deadline of May 2nd, but before the program begins. 

Becoming a Leader through Community Engagement

Do you enjoying working within your community? Do you like helping people? In today’s global economy, there is a growing need for well-informed leaders to recognize and solve complex problems; establish and maintain flourishing relationships; produce innovative and effective products and services; identify conflicts and bring them to a resolution; and cultivate diversity, inclusion, and equity. For these reasons, the activities presented in this class will assist students with developing an understanding and familiarity with various personal and leadership development strategies intended to strengthen skills in civic engagement, deep reflection, active listening, co-creative and transformative learning, capacity building, forming partnerships and networks, and program/project planning and outreach. More specifically, the program focuses on providing students with an understanding of ethical leadership, effective communication, relationship building, grassroots organizing, advocacy, and conflict resolution strategies.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

This introductory business course covers the basics of planning and launching your own successful business. Whether students want to start their own moneymaking business or create a nonprofit to help others, this course helps students develop the core skills they need to be successful. Students will learn strategies for brainstorming new business ideas, attracting investors, marketing their business, and managing expenses. Students will discuss inspirational stories of teen and adult entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into reality, and gain insight from these case studies before beginning their own business plan. Through covering these areas and exploring the personal skills and other factors that contribute to small business success and failure, students will be well on their way to developing their own entrepreneurial ideas into a business.

Leadership in Public Speaking and Policy Analysis

Debate allows students to become more proficient in speaking as well as researching, comprehension, writing, and reasoning skills. Fact-filled and passionate debates provide the incentive for students of all academic and socioeconomic levels to express their opinions assertively in a respectful manner on a relevant issue or topic. Using the high school policy debate topic, students will be introduced to skills fundamental to understanding argumentation, debate, and public speaking. Debate has been shown to facilitate a number of beneficial skills, including promoting rigorous and critical thinking, more effective communication skills, and improving academic, occupational, and civic achievement. MST’s Debate workshop will cover more complex debate theories such as debate mechanics, reasoning, clash, research, and presentation. Students will also learn about flowing and evidence credibility as well as the Toulmin model of argument (data, claim, warrants, qualifiers, rebuttals, and backing). Hands-on experiences will include debate preparation and practice on 2-person teams, debate “games,” and participating in judged debates.