GUPPY Track A Online Descriptions

June 22-26, 2020

Mathematical Mysteries: Quick and Clever Problem Solving

Quick and clever math mysteries will give the students a change to have fun while practicing important problem-solving skills.

Space as a New Frontier in Art

Who has not dreamed of going into space?  For this GUPPY art class we will visit the theme of the universe seen through space. We will do various art projects based around this theme, heading towards our ultimate goal of creating an interactive art scene combining all the different projects we do that chronicle our amazing space odyssey! Students will discuss artistic topics, see presentations relating to styles, mediums, and history, and finally participate in exercises getting them prepped to create an amazing final Mixed-Media product for each project. These activities will engage students and work on improving their artistic skills and gaining a better insight and understanding.  So get ready to blast off in this enriching art class!

Materials required: Pencil, white paper, various colors of construction paper, old magazine/newspaper, scissors, glue, tape, small bottles of red, blue, and yellow paint, paint brush, crayons, basic colors pack of markers.

*If you have any concerns with these requirements, contact a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start date of the class

Hola! Exploring the Spanish Culture and Language

Bienvenidos a mis estudiantes futuros! Let's explore the Spanish language and culture together!! Students Students we will share our knowledge of the Spanish language throughout the world. Learn to speak in the target language, do activities, play learning games focused around Spanish, and practice the vocabulary! All levels of Spanish are welcome. 

Math Olympiad Jr.: Math Problem Solving Contests

Challenging math problems for kids. The focus will be on logical skill progression.