GUPPY Track C Online Descriptions

June 29-July 3, 2020

Your Life as Art, but ANIMATED!

Every wonder what your life would be like if you lived in a cartoon world? Well with this class you will get the chance! We will dive deep into conversation about the history of cartooning and animation/illustration, and use these to guide you in creating your very own story about what your day would be like as a cartoon character! Students will engage in guided discussing paired with presentations showing students information giving them an experience second to none!  With this students will head closer towards having the ability to accurately express ideas effectively and practice developing their artistic skills as an individual. So get your sketching pencils ready, your about to BECOME the main character in your very own comic!

Materials required: Pencil, white paper, various colors of construction paper, old magazines/newspaper, scissors, glue, tape, basic watercolor palette, crayons, basic colors pack of markers.

*If you have any concerns with these requirements, contact a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start date of the class


This class will serve as an introduction to basic Japanese vocabulary and grammar through a fun but structured learning process. The emphasis will be on coordination of structure and verbal communication skills. The students will practice Japanese through key sentences, dialogues with the sensei (teacher), exercises, and other tasks. 

Math is Everywhere: Patterns in Nature and Applying Mathematical Design to Art

Patterns in nature + applying mathematical design to art, other aspects of human life.