GUPPY Track F Online Descriptions

July 6-10, 2020

Nuclear Astrophysics: Fusion, Fragmentation, and Radioactive Decay

What do the history of the universe, the life and death of stars, and the elements that make up your body have in common? Nuclear astrophysics! Nuclear reactions such as fusion, fragmentation, and radioactive decay have guided the chemical evolution of the universe and the energy cycle in stars.

This course, sponsored by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics and MSU’s world-class National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), will introduce you to the wonders of nuclei in deep space through:

  • Hands-on primer of nuclear concepts with a marble-based model
  • Explanation of world-class nuclear astrophysics research at NSCL
  • Tour of NSCL’s rare isotope research areas

Real World Algebra: Algebra+Problems=Real World Connections

This class will cover traditional problem-solving strategies and some new ones that the instructor has come up with. The class will include logic, ratios, function machines, understanding bases, drawing pictures, permutations, etc.   

Watch out Percy Jackson! Learn to write Narratives like a Demi-God!

Students will have support through the writing process as we explore together what makes great narrative stories.  Reading and analyzing high-interest examples will help our students identify crafts that they will include in their own pieces. We will dig into ideas from our own lives and personal stories and/or use creative liberties for each student to craft a story that he or she will be proud to share.   We may discover we have the next Rick Riordan or J.K. Rowling in our group!

The Culture of Art

Many different places around the world celebrate their culture through art, but no one place does it the same way. During your time in this class we will see and discuss other cultures prominent art. This will give students a deep dive into how other cultures make their specific form(s) of art and its significance to their heritage and history.  We will discuss ideas, try out new media's, practice through guided instruction, improve skills in explaining our ideas, and brainstorm what we will do with introduced lesson themes. Students will show mastery of this by creating exciting and creative art pieces, celebrating the culture of the peoples they learned about!

Materials required:  Pencil, white paper, various colors of construction paper, scissors, glue, basic watercolor palette, crayons, basic colors pack of markers.

OPTIONAL: 2 or 3 small bricks (2 ounce) of oven bake clay to make image 3D

*If you have any concerns with these requirements, contact a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start date of the class