Below are the steps you can take to prepare for applying:

  1. Review program details and eligibility requirements

    1. View the GATE Program Guide or browse this website, and decide which program(s) you are interested in applying for.
    2. Remember to check the eligibility requirements for each program. Each program requires a non-refundable $75 application fee.
    3. Application deadlines vary by locations and programs. Please see specific program pages for dates.
    4. Academic year applicants: Discuss program curriculum and cost with your student's home school.
  2. Register for testing!

    1. Testing is required for all GATE programs. Check the Minimum Test Scores table on page 5 and 6 of the GATE Program Guide, to see accepted tests and scores.
      1. More details on testing:
        1. ACT & SAT
        2. IQ Testing
        3. CogAT (administered by MSU GATE - for all programs)
  3. Save your test score results

    1. After you receive your test score results, make sure to save them!
    2. When applying online, you will need to upload a copy of your test score results.
    3. Save your results digitally (scan/save as PDF) so that you are ready to upload the results in our online application system.
    4. Most test scores will only be accepted within three years of test date.
  4. Save your grade report

    1. A copy of your most recent grade report is required for all programs.
    2. Save your grade report digitally (scan/save as PDF) so that you are ready to upload your grade report in our online application system.
  5. Teacher recommendation

    1. Think about which teacher you will ask to fill out a recommendation form for you. The teacher must be in the subject area of the program you are applying for. View acceptable teacher subjects for each program
    2. IMPORTANT: The PDF/paper form we have used in years past has been retired.
      1. We will NOT accept the old PDF/paper teacher recommendation form.
      2. Additionally, we will NOT accept recommendations in "letter" format.
    3. Our Teacher Recommendation form is online only. For more details, view the teacher recommendation process.
  6. Think about your Essay response

    1. Students may view the essay questions for each program, so that they can think about their response before applying.