IQ Testing

For application to GATE programs, an IQ test is acceptable in place of an ACT, SAT, or CogAT tests. To submit an IQ test result for a GATE application to be reviewed, it must include the evaluation in its entirety.

Below are IQ testing providers in both East Lansing and southeastern Michigan. GATE does not recommend, guarantee, or take any responsibility or liability for the list of organizations below.

East Lansing

The MSU Psychological Clinic, located on-campus, offers comprehensive IQ assessments for students who wish to apply for a GATE program. There are LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE – inquire with the Psych Clinic to see if appointments are available in your needed timeframe (30 days before deadline is preferred). Also, the MSU Psych Clinic may not be able to complete your test results by GATE's application deadline, but the Psych Clinic works with the GATE office to try to ensure that your student's IQ results will be received soon enough to still be considered for the program your student is applying for.

  • Assessments are typically 2-3 hours and include a brief interview, IQ testing (WISC), and a social-emotional screen.
  • A 20- to 30-minute telephone screening is required to schedule an appointment.
  • The cost varies based on services requested and rendered - please inquire directly with the MSU Psych Clinic for prices.
  • After testing is complete, assessment reports documenting test results are mailed to parents or discussed at an optional face-to-face feedback session.

Additionally, the clinic administers more extensive evaluations along with an array of therapeutic services for gifted children and their families.

For additional information on IQ testing or to make an appointment with the MSU Psychology Clinic:


Call 517-355-9564 (MSU Psychological Clinic)

Psychological Clinic Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8 AM - 8 PM

Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Saturday: By appointment

Southeastern Michigan

  1. Wayne State University Psychology Clinic - (313) 577-2840
    1. Location: 60 Farnsworth St, Detroit, MI 48202
  2. Pat LaPat, Clinical Psychologist - (248) 661-0195
    1. Locations:
      1. 36516 Green Spring, Farmington Hills, MI 48331
      2. 2190 N Woodword, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
  3. Bright Pine Behavioral Health - (248) 383-8728

          a. Dr. Katherine Lewitzke PsyD LP

  4. University of Michigan - (734) 764-9466
           a. The University Center for the Child and Family