Cost: Academic Year Programs


Academic Year Programs

(CHAMP & ISHALL at all locations; LEAF and ALL )

Reservation Fees

There is no fee due at the time of application; however, upon acceptance into a program each student pays an initial, non-refundable $100 reservation fee confirming his/her intent to participate. Returning Year 2 students must pay a non-refundable $50 reservation fee confirming their intent to continue participating in the program. (Please note: If your student is currently in Year 1 of a program, they do not need to submit another application for Year 2. They just pay the reservation to confirm continued participation.)


The cost of program instruction per student is approximately $1,500 per year or $750 per semester, due before the beginning of each semester. The GATE office will send parents notice of when payment is due. Contact the GATE office if you require a payment plan.

Financial Aid

See the Financial Aid page for more details. 

How to Pay

See Payment Options page for more details.

Other Costs

Other costs for all programs: Parents are responsible for providing transportation as well as class supplies such as notebooks, binders, etc. Some programs may organize optional field trips with attendance costs to be paid by the student.

ISHALL: Parents are responsible for purchasing textbooks for their students.

LEAF: Student pay a $100 technology fee.

ALL: Student pay a $100 technology fee. Parents are responsible for purchasing textbooks for their students.

CHAMP-Novi & ISHALL-Novi: Students pay a $100 distance learning fee. Parents are responsible for purchasing textbooks for their students.

Cancellation Policy

All classes are subject to a minimum enrollment of 15 students and may be canceled at the discretion of the GATE office.

Refunds and Drops

If a student drops from a GATE academic year program, the refund policy is:

  • For drops occurring on or before the date of the fourth class session, 100% of the tuition for the program dropped will be refunded.
  • All requests for withdrawals and refunds must be submitted in writing to the Gifted and Talented Education office via e-mail ( or by mail by the end of the business day of the fourth class session. We will then give you a drop form to be signed by your school.
  • For drops occurring after the date of the fourth class session, no refund will be made for any programs dropped.
  • Reservation fees are non-refundable.
  • Refunds may take up to four weeks.