ACT and SAT Testing

**Please note** The March 9, 2019 SAT and the April 13, 2019 ACT will be the latest test dates allowed and that all other application materials MUST be in by the May 2, 2019 deadline.

What test should my student take to apply for a GATE program?

GATE does not have a preference for which of these tests you take for admission into GATE programs. Click the Learn More links above for more information about each test.

For minimum score requirements for each GATE program, visit the Program page on this website and click Eligibility.

Test Dates

Click the following links to view test dates:

Why does GATE require the ACT or SAT, which are tests typically used for college admission?

GATE uses the ACT or SAT because they are above-grade-level tests, and the results on these tests more accurately assess the abilities of gifted students and their readiness for advanced and accelerated programs that GATE offers. Using the ACT or SAT test for assessment is consistent with NUMATS.

What is NUMATS?

NUMATS stands for Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search. NUMATS is a research-validated program that utilizes above-grade-level testing to identify the ability and educational needs of students who score high on regular grade-level tests at their schools. 

Students who participate in NUMATS take the ACT® or SAT® tests if they are in grades 6 through 9. NUMATS also provides help to families and educators to interpret students' scores and to choose academic programs that work best for these students.

Learn more at the NUMATS website.

Registering for the ACT or SAT through NUMATS

We recommend that students in grades 6-9 register through the Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search for ACT or SAT testing. 

Register through NUMATS at: Students of any age can register online through NUMATS.

NUMATS offers Financial Aid for test fees. Learn More:

You can also register through the main ACT or SAT websites

To schedule an ACT or SAT test you can visit the ACT and SAT websites to enroll online if your student is age 13 and above.

Please note that students age 12 and younger need to register using a paper form (unless registering through NUMATS - NUMATS registration can be completed online for all ages). If you need a paper ACT form, please visit to request one to be mailed to you. If you need a paper SAT form, please contact the GATE office and provide your mailing address.

Find a testing center:

Search for the testing location nearest you at

Where do I send my test scores?

You should wait until you receive the score report, then submit it to the GATE office by uploading it to your online application. Please review Step 7 of the application process for more detailed instructions. Please note: If you elect on the test registration form to have the scores automatically sent to Michigan State University, the GATE office will NOT receive them.

Looking ahead to Test Day:

Please be aware that students must present their Admission Ticket AND a form of ID on the test day in order to be admitted to take the test.

Please review the ID requirements listed on the official ACT and SAT websites:

Also reference the Test Day checklists provided by ACT and SAT to make sure you are prepared before test day arrives: