Teacher Recommendations

IMPORTANT: The PDF/paper form we have used in years past has been retired.

We will NOT accept the old PDF/paper Teacher Recommendation form.  

Additionally, we will NOT accept recommendations in "letter" format.

Application Online Teacher Recommendation Process

Our new Teacher Recommendation form is online only. The process for requesting a Teacher Recommendation is:

  1. Before you apply, you should mention to your teacher that you would like them to recommend you for a GATE program, which entails filling out an online form. Tell your teacher that they will receive an email from the GATE office with instructions on how to fill out the online form.
  2. When you apply online, you will simply type in your teacher’s name and their official school email address.
  3.  After you click “Submit” on your program application, your teacher will receive a personalized email explaining that you are applying to your chosen GATE program and are requesting a recommendation.
  4. The teacher will click the link in the email to be taken to an online form. 
  5. The teacher will fill out the form online, and click Submit.
  6. When the teacher clicks Submit, your Teacher Rec status (see below) will be marked as "Received".

Checking the Status of your Teacher Recommendation

  1. Login to the GATEway application system.
  2. For each Submitted program on your Application List, you will see a Teacher Rec status, which provides the date the email request was sent to your teacher and indicates whether or not the GATE office has received the recommendation from your teacher yet.
    1.  If the status is “Not received yet” and it has been at least a week since the request was sent to your teacher you may want to ask your teacher if they received the email request from GATE. If they have not received it, you should ask the GATE office to resend the email to your teacher. 
    2. A “Received” status means your teacher has filled out the online form and Submitted it. 

Which Teacher Should I Ask to Recommend Me?

The following are acceptable teachers to recommend you for each program:


Math teacher

ISHALL: English

English Language Arts teacher

LEAF: French

French teacher (if you've taken French before) OR English Language Arts teacher OR other foreign language teacher


Math teacher OR Science teacher


Teacher in any of the following subjects: Math, Science, Technology


Teacher in any of the following subjects: Math, Science, Technology