Financial Aid

For Summer and Academic Year Programs...

Tuition assistance from the GATE office may be available to those with financial need. GATE strives to support families who cannot afford the tuition required to attend GATE programs. Need-based aid is awarded based on family income using the Federal Eligibilty Guidelines for Reduced Lunch. To determine eligibility, go to: and find your Household size on the "Reduced Priced Meals" chart. To qualify for GATE Financial Aid, your Annual family income must be below the Income listed for your household size. Extenuating circumstances may also be considered, which you can include in the Statement of Need section of the Financial Aid Application.

Because financial aid availability is limited, families are limited to receiving one Summer scholarship and one Academic Year scholarship within a three year period. However, families may still apply for a Financial Aid scholarship again within this 3-year period, but will be funded again only if there are funds available at the end of the application acceptance period. This Financial Aid policy is subject to change.

Checklist for completing a Financial Aid application:

  • Complete Financial Aid Application and upload to online application system
  • Provide verification of eligibility or participation in Free or Reduced Lunch program on school letterhead (if applicable)
  • Provide a signed copy of pages one and two of current federal tax return (delete or cover all Social Security numbers)
  • If not required to file a tax return, complete Certification of Non-Filing and Statement of Income Sources section on Financial Aid Application

Please note that you are responsible for paying the program’s application fee (for Summer programs) or reservation fee (for Academic Year programs) and are subject to the GATE refund policy.

For Academic Year Programs...

Parents should also contact their student’s school to learn if any tuition support is provided. Schools have varying policies, so it is best to inquire with your school directly.

For Dual Enrollment...

Financial aid is not available for Dual Enrollment.